Ton de Vrind Photography

The story of

Mr Woodman

1. Mr Woodman is born

2. Mr. Woodman met his colleague at the station

3. They say goodbye

4. At the edge of the forest the stagecoach leaves

5. The colleague begins his trip through the forest

6. He saw a child playing in the wood, does she 

    lives in the castle?

7. Not far from the Eiffel Tower Mr Woodman took

    a rest and saw a silly woman

8. He went on and approaches a mystery 

    romantic villa

9. After he crossed the river he discovered a secret  

    entrance in a tree. He saw the door when he 

    turned on the flashlight

10. At that moment he met his colleague who 

      vanished through the door

Mouse on picture is pauze

11. After Mr Woodman passed the secret entrance he got 

      lost in the jungle

12. After a long walk he reached a valley and saw a big hand

13. Mr Woodman walked to the hand and pushed the 

       button on it

14. The hand opened and inside he saw a lovely lady

15. He brought the lady to bed and left the Hand

16. When he was just outside a lightning struck in the hand

17. Suddenly an invisible hand appears

18. The mysterious hand began to shine and an electric rope

      appeared around the other Hand. 

      The lady was tossed out the Hand

19. The second hand changed into a balloon

20. Mr Woodman rescued the lady and together they saw a

      magic phenomenon

21. They leaved the place like the balloons did

22. After a long walk Mr Woodman and the lady reached a

      beautiful castle and went in

23. In the castle Mr Woodman,  his colleague the unknown 

      woman and Darth Vader prepare for a nice dinner

to be continued…..

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